We are proud to help you 24/7 with our special support team.


A first in the world. You don’t need to call service for rate setting and dosing anymore.

R & D

We produce the future machines with our research and development studies.


We produce the worlds strongest mixing rooms and we gurantee 2 years.


Envoirement and energy friendly Polyurethan machines has solvent-free use
which can do precise casting between 30 to 5000 gram/second.

poliüretan makinası

Roller -which we produce- can turn right and left. Our bom with pneumatic piston is able to move 20 cm to 2000 cm height from the ground, also has led projector on it. 

Poliüretan Makinası Operatör Paneli

Our machine has 4 and 7 inch two handy touch screen which designed with a plain interface. You can do casting and controlling with both of these operator panels.

Poliüretan makinası karışım odaları

Our AEROMINIUM mixing chambers and nozzle system are designed and produced by us, that you are able to use them for years (proved with wear and tear tests).

Poliüretan makinesi pano dizaynı

Our specially produced panel is designed with the first class electrical, electronic and plc systems.

Poliüretan Makinası Ön Konsol

Our front console with stylish design which you can control all the movements of your machine from one point.

poliüretan makinesi motor ve pompalar

We use world leader gamak engines in our machines. We implement magnetic coupling and flow meter systems optionally.

Poliüretan makinesi hidrolik sistemi

Filtration system has 70 liters oil capacity, 5,5 kw gamak engine, 3 lt battery and 14 cc pump. Our hydraulic system, supported by high pressure counter relief valve and pressure condition.

poliüretan makinası hammadde tankları

Our raw metarial tanks with both visual and plc-controlled level sensors has auto-fill feature, self-resistive, able to connect, insulation against sweating and heat loss, passed the leaked tests.

poliüretan makinesi güvenlik sistemi

Precision and safety are the first in our machines. We use high-pressure resistant first-class raw materials and hydraulic hoses. Whether hydraulic or not, our transmitters and safety valves, which control the high pressures in the raw material circulation, keep you and our machine under guard.

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